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Group sizes are small in order to provide individual attention to all participants.

Continuing:          Training Course for Trainers            October 2014

FunDogs Dog Training and Behaviour Consulting is offering an opportunity for prospective dog trainers to attend a Foundation Segment Training Course in Positive Reinforcement Dog Training.
Learn to teach others to train their dogs with positive, gentle and completely force-free methods. The course will cover the underlying principles of positive reinforcement, laws of learning, skill acquisition, precision timing, observation skills and more.
8 sessions

Intro to K9 Nose Work® Class - Find It!            April 2015

- For dogs 5 months and older, including reactive and fearful dogs

K9 Nose Work® is a fun-filled new sport and training activity that was created by drug and explosives detection professionals. It is based on our dogs' amazing sense of smell and their love of searching and hunting. By encouraging dogs to use their natural scenting abilities and to excel in problem solving during the search, this sport builds confidence and focus, burns lots of mental and physical energy and cements a stronger bond between dog and owner. This class teaches the overall game and builds the dog's intensity and drive for the hunt.
Find out how truly amazing your dog's nose really is! K9 Nose Work® is perfect for pooches of any age, size and personality. This is for once a dog sport where the dog knows more than the human holding the leash...
6 sessions, starting Tuesday April 21 at 6 pm

Good Manners Class            April 2015

- For dogs 5 months and older

Who doesn’t want a well-mannered dog you can take anywhere you go? A dog who is a polite member of the family will be welcomed almost everywhere and is a source of pride and joy to its owner. Topics include Basic Obedience, Focus on owner, Come when called, Leash manners, and a lot more.
6 sessions, starting Wednesday April 22 at 6 pm

Puppy Kindergarten Class            March 2015

- For puppies 8-20 weeks old at the start of class

Early puppy socialization is crucial for building your dog’s confidence and lifelong friendly behavior towards people and other dogs. Topics include Off-leash socialization, Bite inhibition training, Sit, Down, Come when Called, Leave It, Settle, No Jumping / Polite greeting, Leash Manners, Sound desensitization and much more. The critical window of socialization starts to close around 16 weeks of age. Don't let your puppy miss this narrow window of opportunity!
6 sessions, starting Thursday March 5 at 6 pm

Growly Dog Class            March 2015

- For dogs with reactivity issues towards other dogs (growling, barking, biting, jumping) due to fear, aggression or frustration

Reactivity in dogs can be a source of great anxiety and concern for many dog owners. This class will teach you to manage your dog's reactivity towards other dogs and to rehabilitate the reactivity. You will learn techniques to help your dog exhibit alternative behaviours, minimize the reactivity and inspire calmness in both you and your canine friend. Building a stronger trust relationship with your dog is a wonderful "by-product" of the consistent use of these techniques.
5 sessions, starting Wednesday March 4 at 6 pm

K9 Nose Work® - Intro to Odor            January 2015

- For dogs 5 months and older

Building on the foundational skills from Intro to Nose Work, dogs will be taught to search for a specific target odor, birch essential oil. Dogs will learn to advance their scent discrimination skills and to work effectively in expanded search areas. We will continue to build better teamwork through improving handling technique and sharpening observational skills. Vehicle searches may be included in this class.
6 sessions, starting Wednesday Jan 7 at 6 pm      Prerequisite Introduction to K9 Nose Work® Class

Beyond Basics

- For all dogs after completion of Good Manners Class or similar

Building on and expanding the skills acquired in the Good Manners class, you will improve your competence and your dog's level of training. Training goals include more reliable responses from your dog at greater distances and around higher distractions. Advanced training exercises are faster and more focused Recalls, Heeling, advanced Leave It, progressively difficult Stays, Wait at the Door, Targeting and more.

Small Dog Play

- For small dogs 5 months and older

Bring your small dog(s) to meet new friends and playmates in a safe, warm and enclosed environment, where they can run and play for fun and a happy social experience. Professional supervision is provided throughout the playtime.

No-Jumping Class

- For all dogs, from 5 months old

Jumping is usually a friendly and exuberant behavior in the world of dogs, but not appropriate in our human world. Jumping dogs may terrify people already fearful of them. A jumping dog can inflict injury to kids and the elderly, frail or otherwise infirm. In this class you will learn to teach your dog well-mannered behaviors to replace out-of-control jumping when greeting your friends, family or strangers.

Leash Manners Class

- For on-leash pullers, from 5 months old

Do you own one of those dogs that pull you around the neighborhood? Constant pulling can spoil your walks together and leave you exhausted and frustrated. In this class you will learn how to teach your dog nice leash manners and to walk pleasantly with you on a loose leash, making your daily strolls fun and enjoyable.

Please call us at 867-332-0326, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In addition, the following ongoing courses are offered as individual one-on-one training:

Pet Therapy / Pet Visit Prep Training

- For dogs 1 year and older

You may have thought about taking your good-natured, people-loving dog to visit residents in the long-term care facilities. This program helps you prepare your dog for meeting the necessary requirements.
Min. 3 sessions

Polite Door Manners

- For dogs 5 months and older

Is your dog erupting in a barking frenzy and racing to the door at the sound of the doorbell or knocking, followed perhaps by uncontrolled jumping on visitors? Help is available for restoring the peace!

This in-home training program will teach your dog a calm reaction to the doorbell and knocking, calm greeting of visitors while in down position, and a continued downstay until released by the owner.
3 sessions

Training the Whistle Recall

- For all dogs and puppies

Train your dog to come reliably to a whistle call outdoors. While especially benefiting dogs who already have a history of not coming when called, this is a very valuable skill for all dogs off-leash outdoors.
4 sessions

Please call us at 867-332-0326, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to set up an appointment.

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